Leadership Context

Works within the planning, physical and social context

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It sets, or works within the strategic planning framework

  1. Does it work within the broader strategic context for planning, designing and decision-making?
    For example, National Urban Policy, Urban Design Protocol, State Metropolitan Strategy, Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plans.
  2. Does it consider policies and initiatives such as affordable housing, urban design excellence, sustainable transport, environmental leadership, accessibility and universal design principles, healthy communities and job creation?
  3. Has an urban design strategy been prepared, and has it been continually improved throughout the design review process?

It integrates with the physical environment, including its topography, biodiversity, landscape and views, existing streets and buildings, and infrastructure

  1. Has there been a thorough analysis of the existing site?
  2. Does the design relate to the surrounding area, precinct or neighbourhoods, as well as the broader region?
  3. Does the design relate to existing patterns of local development?
  4. Does the design relate to the local topography, landscape and biodiversity of the site?

It incorporates the heritage, culture and historical context of surrounding communities and places

  1. Do the facilities, buildings and public spaces reflect the current and future needs of the community and other users?
  2. Will the project have a sense of community identity and local character?
  3. Are the choices of materials, building techniques and detailing consistent with or complementary to the local context?

It is compatible with the surrounding social and economic activities

  1. Will the project delivery or construction process involve significant disruption to surrounding social or economic activities and have plans been put in place to reasonably minimise the disruption?
  2. If it is located near major infrastructure, will it potentially encroach upon the future efficiency and use of that infrastructure?For example, an airport, port, train or freight route, hospital or university campus.
  3. If the development is a major piece of infrastructure or industry, does it minimise its impact on surrounding communities?For example, noise, pollution, air quality.
  4. If it is a large precinct or major piece of infrastructure, does it facilitate good physical connection to, and between, surrounding communities?


Creating Places: A policy statement on architecture and place in Scotland

The Scottish Governments policy statement on architecture and place (Scottish Government, 2013).

Green Star Rating System
A comprehensive, national and voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities (Green Building Council Australia).

Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Tool
Australia’s only comprehensive rating system for evaluating sustainability across design, construction and operation of infrastructure (Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia).

Healthy Spaces & Places
A national guide for planning, designing and creating sustainable communities that encourage healthy living (National Heart Foundation, Planning Institute of Australia & Australian Local Government Association, 2009).

Our Cities, Our Future – A National Urban Policy for a productive, sustainable and liveable future
Australia’s National Urban Policy, outlining how the Australian Government’s future actions will be shaped to produce better outcomes for our cities (Australian Government, 2011).


Active Healthy Communities

A resource package for local government to create supportive environments for physical activity and healthy eating (Queensland Government & Heart Foundation, 2010).

Design Guidelines for Government Buildings
A set of principles and performance based actions for designing Queensland Government buildings informed by best practice urban design (Office of the Queensland Government Architect, 2010).

Far North Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 – Planning for a stronger, more liveable and sustainable community
A comprehensive policy framework for sustainably managing growth in Far North Queensland to protect and enhance the region’s quality of life (Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning, 2009).

Next Generation Planning – A handbook for planners, designers and developers in South East Queensland
A handbook with principles and guidelines to help planners, designers and developers achieve quality urban design and affordable living (Council of Mayors (SEQ) & Queensland Government and Australian Government, 2011).

South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031
A comprehensive policy framework for sustainably managing growth in South East Queensland (Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning, 2009).

Subtropical Design in South East Queensland – A handbook for planners, developers and decision makers
A handbook containing guiding principles for the design of urban development in order to support the creation of attractive urban environments (Centre for Subtropical Design, QUT, 2010).

New South Wales

Beyond The Pavement – RTA urban design policy, procedures and design principles

A report setting out urban design principles for road infrastructure projects to improve their planning, design and contribution to the quality of public space (NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, 2009).

Draft Centres Design Guidelines
A non-policy document using best practice urban design principles to support the design, urban renewal and growth of centres (NSW Department of Planning, 2011).

Draft Good Design Guidelines for Medium Density Living
A publication showcasing examples of well-designed residential projects from a wide range of housing types (NSW Department of Planning, 2011).

Illawarra Regional Strategy 2006-31
A strategy outlining a strategic vision for the sustainable development and future infrastructure investment priorities for the Illawarra region (NSW Department of Planning, 2007).

Lower Hunter Regional Strategy 2006-31
A regional strategy outlining a strategic vision for the sustainable development and future infrastructure investment priorities for the Lower Hunter region (NSW Department of Planning, 2006).

Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney
A new plan to guide Sydney’s growth (NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure, 2013).

NSW 2021 – A plan to make NSW number one
A plan for building the economy, providing quality services, renovating infrastructure, strengthening local environments and communities and improving the accountability of the NSW Government (New South Wales Government, 2011).

Residential Flat Design Code
A code setting the broad parameters within which good design of residential flat buildings can occur by illustrating the use of development controls and consistent guidelines (NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, 2002).

Sustainable Sydney 2030
A plan for guiding the development of the City of Sydney for the next 20 years and beyond (City of Sydney, 2011).


Activity Centre Design Guidelines

Guidelines providing best-practice advice for developing vibrant, high quality activity centres (Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, 2005).

Good Design Case Studies
Case studies of residential, reuse and infill developments in Melbourne demonstrating design solutions for balancing growth with sustainability, liveability and community needs (Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, 2012).

Higher Density Residential Development Guidelines
Guidelines for encouraging best practice higher density housing developments (Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development).

Interim Design Guidelines for Large Format Retail Premises
Interim guidelines for assisting councils, designers, and developers in achieving new large format retail premises that are well designed and located (Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, 2005).

A Guide to the Planning System
An easy-to-use guide on Victoria’s Planning System, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of all parties at different stages of the planning process (Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, 2011).

The New State Planning Policy Framework
Advisory notes on the State Planning Policy Framework in Victoria (Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, 2010).

The Urban Design Charter for Victoria
A charter to help embed good urban design in metropolitan and regional Victoria (Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development, 2010).

Western Australia

Better Urban Water Management

A guide for better urban water management on the Swan Coastal Plain facilitiating consideration of the total water cycle at each stage of the planning process (Western Australian Planning Commission, 2008).

Directions 2031
A spatial framework and strategic plan establishing a vision for future growth in the Perth and Peel Region (Western Australian Planning Commission, 2010).

Greater Geraldton Structure Plan 2011
A plan providing a regional framework for planning decisions in Geraldton, which emphasises Geraldton’s role in its region and Western Australia (Western Australian Planning Commission, 2011).

South Australia

30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide – A volume of the South Australian Planning Strategy

A strategic plan for Greater Adelaide guiding state and local government decisions about managing growth and change, providing a leading approach to liveability, competitiveness, sustainability and climate change resilience (South Australian Department of Planning and Local Government, 2010).

5000+ – Integrated design strategy for Inner Adelaide
A design-led project for the redesign, renewal and reactivation of inner Adelaide (Integrated Design Commission, South Australia).

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Public Sector Initiatives
A report providing guidance on the processes and issues for each phase of substantiating a public sector initiative including financial, economic, social, environmental and budget evaluations (South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance).

South Australia Strategic Plan
A plan containing key strategic priorities for South Australia and 100 measurable targets for achieving its strategic vision (South Australian Government, 2011).

Australian Capital Territory

The Canberra Plan – Towards our second century

A plan providing guidance on the inter-generational growth and development of Canberra, responding to new challenges such as climate change, water security, housing affordability and skills shortages (ACT Government Chief Minister and Cabinet, 2008).

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